“She’s Hungry,” I whispered to my husband

smiling girl eating breakfast

This morning, after playing for a bit and watching a couple shows, Hannah wandered into my room a little whiny. And over the next fifteen minutes, Derek and I watched as whiny became inconsolable. “She’s hungry,” I whispered over to my husband Derek, who nodded. He had realized the same thing. Because our girl, more than any other member of the family, hits a limit and gets *hangry*. It’s like an on/off switch and when it flips, we all know to look out and steer the girl toward food.

And it made me think about the 7,500+ kids that Hand2Hand serves each weekend during the school year, who are well into Week 2 of break now.

Are they hangry, too?

What does their pantry look like when they need something quickly? I realize Hannah is extreme to us when she gets this way, but I imagine it’s nothing compared to what these kids experience right here in West Michigan.

And then I got to thinking about the New Year, and fresh starts, and resolutions.

If something in you is wanting to reach out more this year, craving to get more involved, then spend some time looking around this website. I feel blessed to coordinate the Rockford program as a volunteer and to work for Hand2Hand growing the program into new northern Kent County districts on a very part-time basis, but there are many other amazing people who work there who can plug you in just about any way you can imagine. Business packings, races, helping to coordinate food drives, financial donations, even something as simple as bringing your family to a local quarterly packing event for an hour one evening (see HOPE Packing Events)… there are so many options, and every single one directly affects the kids we serve.

If fitness is a New Year’s goal for you, check out the information about the Riverbank run. Hand2Hand feels so grateful to have been selected as one of the charities for this race this year, and you can run on our team and join the Hand2Hand running Facebook group as you prepare.

And, above all else, we covet your prayers for the students served.

While we can’t see them during these two weeks and even beyond, since we are such a behind-the-scenes ministry that leaves backpacks of food in lockers on Friday afternoons, we take great comfort in knowing that they are seen and loved by their Creator, *always*. We believe that He is doing more than we can even imagine and that each prayer matters.

If you have any questions after checking out the website, please reach out and let me know. I can help put you in touch with the right people for any way you’d like to serve.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Jenny Steele
Hand2Hand Growth Manager