Scott family training together for the Amway River Bank Run

Scott Family running for Hand2Hand at the Amway River Bank Run

Hand2Hand recently discovered that the Scott family is training together to run for Hand2Hand at the Amway River Bank Run. Here is what Danelle Scott had to say:

“I am running for Hand2Hand because as a teacher, counselor, and now administrator, I see what not having basic necessities at home can do to make it hard for kids to learn.

To me, Hand2Hand embodies what it means to really be pro-life. It’s a wrap-around service that helps families survive in the hopes that they can eventually thrive. In other words, it’s a way of wrapping our arms around families during their time of need.

Hand2Hand is a piece of the puzzle that is working to make sure that all kids have what they need to be happy, healthy, and loved. I can’t think of a better organization to support and if running is way to do so, then all the better!

For the last three years, our family has trained for a race together and this year it will be the Amway River Bank Run. We will all be running different distances but are united in our cause.

We run for Hand2Hand. We run to serve others because we have been given so much.

The photo you see was taken right before our family workout at the YMCA tonight. We do those every once in a while together during training. It’s kind of a circuit training with running in between. We get lots of stares when we do those. 🙂 ”

Thank you Scott family! You are eliminating weekend child hunger in West Michigan! We hope your training for the Amway River Bank Run goes well and we will see you there!