Through a Superintendent’s Eyes


Hand2Hand is honored to work alongside 36 school districts in West Michigan to provide weekend food to kids who experience food insecurity. We are so blessed to have an amazing group of superintendents, principals, teachers and school staff in each of these schools.

I have partnered with Tom TenBrink, superintendent of Jenison Public Schools, since Hand2Hand began in 2008. He continues to be an ex-officio board member and offers key strategy and direction as we continue to partner with more schools so that NO child is hungry over the weekend in West Michigan.

He recently shared with me his powerful insight about childhood hunger and it can be replicated to almost all of our school districts in West Michigan:

“Childhood hunger in the Jenison community is very real. If I hadn’t seen it and experienced it with my own eyes, it would be difficult to believe. Behind closed doors, there are many homes in our community where refrigerators and cupboards are bare.
Childhood hunger is a “silent thief” that people don’t like to talk about. It robs our children of intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development. With the dedicated and passionate efforts of the Hand2Hand organization walking alongside of us, we are committed to ensure that no child in our community goes hungry.”
Tom TenBrink

Through the leadership of Hand2Hand and their partnering churches, thousands of hungry children are being fed throughout West Michigan. I have witnessed the work that is being done and met the children whose trajectories have been changed because they have been provided food to eat. It is up to each one of us to do our part in this important mission of providing for the children of our community.  To whom much is given, much is required.” Tom TenBrink, Superintendent of Jenison Public Schools

I envision us, together, linking arms with even more school staff – early childhood through high school- in West Michigan to eliminate the ‘silent killer’ of weekend childhood hunger for even more kids. Because every child has potential and every child matters.

Cheri Honderd
Executive Director
& Founder of Hand2Hand