Spreading Kingdom Joy

“When going through a financial hardship, you lose your voice and lose the ability to be seen. Hand2Hand says, ‘We see you…you’re valuable…we love you.’” There is something special about fall and intentionally soaking up the weather, beautiful trees, cooler air, fresh apples, and pumpkins, isn’t there? We know that winter will appear before we know it – when the sun is … Read More

“She’s Hungry,” I whispered to my husband

smiling girl eating breakfast

This morning, after playing for a bit and watching a couple shows, Hannah wandered into my room a little whiny. And over the next fifteen minutes, Derek and I watched as whiny became inconsolable. “She’s hungry,” I whispered over to my husband Derek, who nodded. He had realized the same thing. Because our girl, more than any other member of … Read More