Oakridge Public Schools Superintendent

“I’m Tom Livezey, the Superintendent of Oakridge Public Schools in Muskegon County. About 75% of our kids qualify for free or reduced priced lunch through the federal program so there are a lot of kids that come to school that are anticipating their first meal of the day being provided by the school.

Oakridge is all about building community and partnerships are critical for everything we do. Schools cannot do what we do alone. We have a wonderful staff at Oakridge and they bend over backwards to try and meet the needs of their kids. But they are not trained to be doctors, they’re not psychologists, but they need those partnerships and when they work together with the community partners that adds a little more joy because it makes them more effective. They can focus on educating the child while we have our partners focused on their wellness.

Oakridge Public Schools is thrilled to be working with Hand2Hand and being able to provide some of the needs of the kids who may experience food insecurity over the weekend. This is a huge need that will help us out.”

Tom Livezey
Oakridge Public Schools Superintendent

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