Spreading Kingdom Joy

“When going through a financial hardship, you lose your voice and lose the ability to be seen. Hand2Hand says, ‘We see you…you’re valuable…we love you.’” There is something special about fall and intentionally soaking up the weather, beautiful trees, cooler air, fresh apples, and pumpkins, isn’t there? We know that winter will appear before we know it – when the sun is … Read More

Feeding, Blessing and Loving 1000s of students

Cheri Hondred standing in front of nutritious food for hungry kids in West Michigan

The weekend can be a very long two days for kids who have little or nothing to eat. That was the sobering reality Cheri Honderd discovered in 2008 when the Great Recession still had a firm grip on the economy. Honderd learned there were 19 students in Jenison coming to school Monday mornings with their stomachs growling with hunger. Honderd’s … Read More