Students and Families

"My son loves getting the food, he's super excited every time. We have 5 kids and I wish Hand2Hand could be offered in my other children's schools. It means less groceries for me to buy when costs have gone up so much. It’s been helping us with our budget." - parent


"I remember the first day I began getting my Hand2Hand food. It was on my birthday, and I thought someone was leaving me a birthday present. I told my teacher that someone left me the best present ever in my locker. But then, my teacher told me I was going to get the food every Friday! A present of food every week is awesome!" - student



"I see the look on the kids' faces as they pick up the backpacks filled with weekend food. There is a true appreciation in those faces. These kids feel loved and thought of." - teacher

"I think Hand2Hand is one of the most important partnerships we can make. Students don't get to the level of learning if their basic needs are not met!" - principal 

Church Partners

"Whenever we have felt that it’s going to be difficult to get all the food we need something happens and we have plenty. It has happened over and over again through the years we’ve been with Hand2Hand." - church partner

"Our Sunday school kids love to help pack food. It is a great way for even the youngest kids to witness prayer, God's love, and giving in a way they can understand." - church partner


You can help feed kids over the weekend.

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