What our community is saying

Student and Parent Surveys

 "We are able to provide healthy meals and healthy snacks to our children because of your generosity! My children love getting their black bags before every weekend,  it's like Christmas for them! They love seeing what meals and snacks they have." - parent


"We are always grateful as we are struggling extra hard this year, we need to keep the kids fed and try to remain healthy and this has been a blessing." - parent

"My son absolutely loves opening the bag to see what he’s received. It’s a fun Friday after school activity." - parent

School Surveys


"When my students have a full stomach they are more willing and ready to learn. It helps them focus and stay engaged in class." - teacher

"The students eyes light up when they see their bag of food. These bags spark joy!" - teacher

"This program has instilled a sense of belonging and community within our schools. Through volunteer opportunities, Hand2Hand has brought together students, parents, teachers, and community members, fostering relationships and creating a support network for those in need. This sense of community has not only benefited participants of the program but has also enriched the overall school culture, promoting empathy, compassion, and inclusivity." - principal

Parent Focus Groups

"When my kids bring home the food I am relieved. We have one less thing to worry about." - parent

"I'm a single mom with a wonderful 10 year old son.  I struggle to make ends meet and work multiple jobs." - parent

"I've been the grandma and guardian to three great grandkids.  We have been together for the past 12 years.  Keeps me young and old in the same minute." - parent


You can help feed kids over the weekend.

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