“Amway is proud to partner with Hand2Hand. Partnerships such as these can empower our community to live healthier, more sustainable lives while improving our local food systems to increase access to healthy foods and nutrition education.”

Michelle Meulendyk
Sr. Corporate Citizenship Specialist

"We believe in bringing families together. We are compelled to partner with Hand2Hand to provide students with weekend food, hope, and the opportunity to thrive. It is an honor to be able to give back to our community in this effort to end child weekend hunger in West Michigan."

Action Water Sports

Thank you for your generous sponsorship that will provide hope, love, and weekend food for kids in West Michigan!

"Cornerstone Church partners with Hand2Hand to pray and provide weekend food assistance to hungry kids in our community, because it fits our mission of 'Helping People Know Jesus and Make Him Known'. We pray the children know they are loved by God and His people at Cornerstone Church."

Tracy Bowers
Director of Outreach

“At Elhart, each year all of us vote for the organization we will fundraise, volunteer, and collect for. Hand2Hand captured our hearts especially because everyone wants a community free of hungry kids; we knew we could make an impact with Hand2Hand.”

Elhart Automotive Campus

"It’s a Win, Win! Excel is excited to partner with Hand2Hand. Serving kids and families in need in the same communities and school districts that we work and live in."

Tom Kraal

“At First Companies, our mission is to serve others. As we looked at the needs in our community and saw the passion Hand2Hand has for eliminating weekend hunger for kids, we knew it aligned well with our mission and values and wanted to help.  We’ve partnered with this great organization by helping them build their new facility, as well as packing food sent home with thousands of children at the end of the school week. It has been as much a blessing to our staff as it has for Hand2Hand.”

Matt Sink
Chief Operating Officer

“Hand2Hand and Fleetwood are great partners because they have a common interest: Helping children and giving back to the community.”

Pete Copeland
Human Resources

“General Mills’ philanthropic mission is to increase food security, advance sustainable agriculture, and strengthen hometown communities. We’ve chosen to partner with Hand2Hand because of their commitment to provide food for kids facing weekend hunger. Through grants and volunteer work, we’ve been able to combine our efforts to make a larger impact.”

Cassie Pezza
Sr Marketing Communications Planner

"The Give ‘Em A Brake Safety team is thrilled to work with Hand2Hand each year as part of its 'Give ‘Em A Brake Gives Back' campaign.  We love coming together to let the children Hand2Hand serves know they are loved, cherished, important members of the community.”

Jamie Lemke

“We are thankful for the leadership of Hand2Hand in our community, uniting us around the mission of making sure all students have access to weekend food.”

Lindsey VanDyken
Deferred & Custom Invoicing Manager


“It’s our privilege to support Hand2Hand because we have a heartfelt desire that children who are disadvantaged or do not have adequate food on the weekends are able to eat and it breaks our heart to know that there are children who go home hungry and don’t have the opportunity to see food again until Monday morning when they are back at school. So, for us it is a blessing to help them and hopefully for them it is a blessing that they have food to eat.”

Jim and Nancy Meyer
Hand2Hand Volunteers


"SoundOff Signal is honored and excited to support Hand2Hand. Our teams are passionate about helping kids fight hunger in our neighborhoods!"

Anne Jackson
Human Resources Manager

"SoundOff Signal is proud to partner with Hand2Hand to support the children in our communities.  By working together, we can fight hunger and help kids be successful!"

Deanna Schut
Human Resources Administrator

"I realize that hunger is a despairing reality in our world. What I did not realize is just HOW PREVALENT hunger among children really is, even in our own communities. It was eye opening and sad to learn about the extent of so many hungry kids. Thank God for Hand2Hand and the impact of this beautiful organization, to which I am compelled to support." 

Sue Prins
Associate Broker

"At The Lighting Corner our business has been blessed and we feel the need to give back a portion off what we have been blessed with to our local community.  We LOVE kids and it breaks my heart to think that kids anywhere especially in the communities we grew up in would be going hungry.

It is a BLESSING to BLESS these kids and that is why our team supports HAND2HAND!!!"

Scott Agers
VP-Regional Branch Officer

"We partner with Hand2Hand because through this ministry thousands of kids and their families experience Jesus every week.  The impact this has on the kingdom is BIG!"

Dave Draayer

“Something as simple as a nutritious meal can have such a positive impact on the lives of these children. United Bank is proud to partner with Hand2Hand and provide a real solution to our neighbors in need.”

Terri Prince
VP-Regional Branch Officer

“I first heard about Hand2Hand while attending Fair Haven Church. I saw firsthand the impact of giving a child food for the weekend, especially when the family wasn’t sure where their food was going to come from. Venture Connect, is extremely grateful that with our partnership, we can make a small impact on hungry children in our local community. Not only does Hand2Hand provide meals to children but they also provide families with the nutritional education and resources to help them progress in the future, which is something we are excited to be a part of.”

Brain S. Jones