What people are saying

Students & Families

"We are a family of six, including our four sons who are 10 and under. We do not receive any assistance and have a grocery budget of $150 a week. Hand2Hand is such a massive help to us."

- family

"Hand2Hand is one of the many reasons I’m proud to be a part of this community. We care about each other. People are so willing to lend a hand."

- parent 

"We have a severely autistic son who requires many therapies and doctor appointments. Hand2Hand has helped reduce our grocery bill."

- parents

"Now I know me and my family won’t be hungry! Thanks."

- student 


"When one of my students receives a bag of food on Friday, her eyes light up. She knows that she has something to rely on for the weekend."

- teacher

"Hand2Hand is love through service to the community!"

- principal 

"The students look forward to this every Friday. They get so excited at the end of the day to get their bags and see what is in it for the weekend."

- teacher

"One girl in my class asks each Monday when she will be getting her food again. She is very grateful for this help."

- teacher 

Church Partners

"Whenever we have felt that it’s going to be difficult to get all the food we need something happens and we have plenty. It has happened over and over again through the years we’ve been with Hand2Hand."

- church coordinator 

"Prayer has made our ministry stronger and focuses more on God providing food for our students."

- church partner

"God fills the pantry every time we start to doubt."

- church partner 

"We helped serve a new school this year. One of our delivery volunteers actually went to the school and so did all of her kids and grandkids. As she placed the first backpack in the lockers her eyes were filled with tears and joy!"

- church coordinator/staff member

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