Meet Our Team

Get to know our Hand2Hand staff. Most of our dedicated team works in a part-time or volunteer capacity as we passionately seek to end weekend childhood hunger in West Michigan. Please contact us at

Jodi Joseph

Executive Director

Amber MacKenzie

Director of Development & Communications

Michelle Hauch

Director of Finance & Administration

Mike Shapiro

Director of Food Operations

Jim Meyer


Amy Kleinheksel

Director of Church Partnerships

Angie Spears

Director of School Partnerships

Emily Bult

Grants & Foundation Manager

Krysta Meyer

Finance Manager

Greg Oosterink

Facility Manager

Nicole Bowers

Communications Manager

Erin Brachman

Food Operations Manager

Laurie Gordon

Community Resource Specialist

Vicki Hooker

Partnership Specialist

Amy Keas

Regional Coordinator

Carrie Blumer

Event Specialist

Tara O'Laughlin

Donor Assistant

Traci Spooner

Order Fulfillment Associate

Sally Folkringa

Donation Intake Specialist

Ron Van Dam

Delivery Operations

Arlyn Bohl

Delivery Operations

Rick Fish

Delivery Operations