How Hand2Hand
Partners with a Church

What is needed from a church

  • The church provides a Lead Coordinator

    who manages the details of the school partnership.

  • A volunteer team of 10-12 people

    is suggested who help the Lead Coordinator with packing, delivering, and the purchasing of food. Hand2Hand trains all Lead Coordinators and provides continued support.

  • The church helps set a budget

    for purchasing food or other necessary items, such as shelving or carts, to run the program throughout the school year. We assist Lead Coordinators based on their partnered school’s needs and the church’s resources.

The following is provided

  • Backpacks

    Each new school year, a drawstring bag with the school logo is provided for each student receiving Hand2Hand.

  • Brand Recognition

    Schools love and trust Hand2Hand and are asking us to join them. Our staff works on your behalf in the community to build relationships and bring more resources.

  • Volunteer Recruitment

    Hand2Hand's Founder & Executive Director, will come and speak at your church to ensure that your program has enough volunteers and resources to help launch a long lasting program.

  • Donation Bin

    We supply one cardboard donation box to each church partner at the beginning of the partnership or at an annual training.

  • Food Distribution

    Each church partner will receive a minimum of 5 weeks of fully packed food bags

  • School Breaks

    Each church partner will receive a minimum of 3 weeks of fully packed food bags for extended school breaks.

Churches that are partnered with Hand2Hand receive support all year long.

  • Resource Center

    Online access to all of the tools that are needed to run a successful program (i.e. permission slips, backpack welcome letter, videos, and more) are available online to Lead Coordinators.

  • Annual Events

    Church partners and volunteers gather two times each year, once during late summer and once in the spring, to worship and celebrate together at our annual Commissioning Service and Appreciation Luncheon.

  • Staff Support

    Each church partner has a Regional Coordinator from their area who is available to assist with specific questions and help as needed.

  • Food Resources

    Hand2Hand has working relationships with Feeding America and Value Added Food Services to provide the best food pricing options.

  • Fresh Food

    At least four times a year, we provide funding to church partners to be used for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Why Partner with Hand2Hand

Provides a Connection to Your Community:
Your church will be connected to a local school where you will get to feed students who are at risk of going hungry on the weekend and develop a relationship with school staff and administration.

Reaches your whole community:
This is a great opportunity to build relationships naturally with those who want to provide backpacks of food for hungry students but may not otherwise step foot inside a church.

Develops Disciples:
Hand2Hand provides a simple way to model being the hands of Jesus on a regular basis. Feeding students is a tangible way to demonstrate how to live as Jesus lived.

Engages All Ages and Abilities:
Hand2Hand welcomes people of all ages and abilities to participate – it is a creative way to build multi-generational connections within your church.

Changes Lives:
Feeding students at risk of going hungry is encouraging to everyone involved – it builds faith, hope, and love!

Powerful Prayer:
When we pray and believe, God shows up in big ways. Witness Him move in amazing ways as you feed, love, and pray for students, and experience His hand of blessing as He multiplies food, resources and volunteers!

Keeps You on Mission:
Feeding and praying for hungry students will help build a culture within your church of being on an intentional mission to love God and your neighbor.


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