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Is Hand2Hand making a difference in the lives of hungry kids and their families in West Michigan?

Recently one of our board members, Pastor Greg VanderMeer, encouraged and blessed me as he shared his observations of what Hand2Hand is accomplishing in West Michigan, as together we commit to ‘just care’ for kids facing food insecurity:

"The Hand2Hand team is leading the charge in eradicating weekend hunger. The Hand2Hand team is linking schools and churches in partnerships that make for better communities. The Hand2Hand team is being used by God to get His church to live out a true expression of God's love. The Hand2Hand team has a mother's heart for kids that is reflected in your leadership. What mom is ok not having food for their kids? You answer that question from your own hearts and 7,500 kids are blessed because of it.

Today I am so grateful that the Hand2Hand team is moving people to do one simple and world changing thing - just care.  Just care for the single mom who cannot rest knowing her babies go to bed hungry.  Just care for the family that is buried so deep in medical bills that the dad hangs his head not knowing what to do. Just care for a boy or girl that can't think straight in school and gets in trouble for behaviors that have nothing to do with their ability but rather their stomachs.

Just care.  

You are helping businesses and individuals all over West Michigan do the one thing that will always make the world a better place.  Thanks for helping all of us care.  Thanks for changing our corner of the world."

Hand2Hand can’t sit by and allow kids to face weekend hunger - we are called to ACT.  We are making a difference in the lives of people like Dustin and his grandma. It has been such a joy to meet both of them and Dustin is destined for leadership as he has been loved well by his local church in many ways.

West Michigan, this Christmas season I simply say,  “Thank you for caring.”

Thank you for changing the lives of Dustin and his grandma and thousands of others kids and their families who are receiving Hand2Hand.

Please consider a year-end donation to Hand2Hand so that we can continue to feed and pray for our 7,500 kids and continue to grow to reach more kids in West Michigan! Together we are changing our corner of the world.

Together we are ending weekend childhood hunger in West Michigan. Together we are inspiring Hope. And, Together


Cheri Hondred


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