What people are saying.

Student Quotes

“When I see the bag of food in my locker, I feel joy!”

"I like the yummy food, I bring it home to share with my brother and sister."

“Thank you because some of us wouldn’t have food. You change that!”

“Thank you for your love, support, and kindness.” 

Teacher Quotes

"We feel incredibly blessed to have the community wrap their arms around our students in the form of healthy, much-needed food for the weekend."

"Our students feel especially loved because of the care shown for them even on non-school days."

“Knowing that they have something to eat relieves student's stress so they can focus on school."

"Hand2Hand makes a difference in the lives of our students daily. It gives them peace of mind knowing their basic needs are being met."

Parent Quotes

"I lost my job. It helps to know our child will get the food she needs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for removing some of the stress." 

"My children thank God every night for the food he provides for us. Hand2Hand has help me remain grateful!"

"Hand2Hand helps show my kids healthy ways of eating and snacking."

"My daughter gets so excited to go through her bag of food. It's the first thing she does when we get home."

Community Quotes

"Hand2Hand shows that in difficult times, there's still people that care."

“During the pandemic, we delivered food to student’s homes. They would be waiting for us at the widow with cheerful waves and words of thanks.”

"Every time an additional student's need for food has been made known, the need has been met, usually in excess. Our trust in God’s provision has strengthened.”

"Hand2Hand is love through service to our community."

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