Volunteer Spotlight- Sally Folkringa

Sally Folkringa at Hand2Hand central office

Working with over 204 schools, 119 churches and providing food for 7833 kids every weekend, Hand2Hand could not do what it does without the help of its 5200 weekly volunteers.

These volunteers work tirelessly to gather, package, and distribute meals to kids who may otherwise not have a secure source of food for themselves or their families going into the weekend. Taking on this work requires a true servant’s heart and a deep desire to meet the needs of the children of West Michigan.

These characteristics are embodied most accurately in long-time Hand2Hand volunteer and Fair Haven packing hostess Sally Folkringa.

Sally has spent the past 4 years working with founder Cheri Honderd and the rest of the ever-expanding Hand2Hand team, coordinating food packing, organizing volunteers, and distributing food to school kids in the Hudsonville and Jenison areas both during the school year and over the summer.

Sally moved to Hudsonville from Lansing in autumn of 2015 and immediately began searching for ministry opportunities to get involved with. After hearing about Hand2Hand from Cheri Honderd, Sally joined the pilot for a 6-week summer feeding program and immediately became deeply immersed in all the work that Hand2Hand does.

Over the past few years, she has played an instrumental part in the development of the summer feeding program, as well as the day to day operations of the Hand2Hand central office during the school year. As the volunteer team has grown, Sally has continued to find local community members to work alongside, sourcing fresh produce from a local couple, reaching out to fellow church members, and has consistently been a willing and enthusiastic leader within the Hand2Hand family. 

With previous experience as a teacher in Battle Creek, Sally has a dedicated heart for children, and particularly for the welfare of children in need. Her passion for giving and alleviating weekend hunger for the children of West Michigan has led her to forge an inseparable connection with the mission and members of Hand2Hand. In her own words:

“I just love working with all the people here, they’re so wonderful. It really blesses my heart to know that we’re helping kids who have no control over their situation…I hear the stories of kids that act up in school and then once they’re on Hand2Hand and have food over the weekend their behavior changes and they are able to learn.”

This is the heart of what Hand2Hand does.

It is because of the diligence and commitment of people like Sally Folkringa that Hand2Hand is able to do the work that they do. The alleviation of weekend hunger is no small task, but with the help of local volunteers like Sally, more and more children do not have to go hungry when the school week is through. 

Written by Michael Karanja
Hand2Hand Content Specialist