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"Hand2Hand has helped us create a culture where we are one big family on mission."

Why did you decide to get involved with Hand2Hand?

When we watch Jesus in the Bible, he had compassion and he fed hungry people. So this just became one way, in one place, in a simple manner, that we could be like Jesus.

How did your church get connected to Hand2Hand?

A local church in our area invited us to consider begin working with Hand2Hand at Great Lakes Elementary School. It was almost a no-brainer. Why wouldn't we get involved in feeding hungry kids?

What has feeding kids on the weekend done for your church?

Hand2Hand has helped us create a culture where we are one big family on mission. This has had a really great ripple effect on our congregation as a whole. There is this real sense of ownership that has been fostered where we feel a sense of responsibility - there is a school that we love, and there are kids that are hungry and we have to do something about it.

Why should other churches get involved with Hand2Hand?

Our simple response would be... why wouldn't you? It is such a simple platform - one school, one church, feeding hungry kids. It is so simple.

When the invitation was given to us to consider doing this it did take a while to really step in to it because we were hesitant. Could we pull it off? Because we knew that the school that we would be partnering with had a lot of need and we could be filling up to a hundred bags a week. And that made us nervous. Do we have the capacity to do that? What we were doing was leaving God out of the equation. We don't want to just do things we know we can do. we want to go after things that need the Lord. And that has proven to be true. so we decided to go for it and God has provided in so many ways - beyond our imagination. We have never lacked for food. Our Hand2Hand budget has always had a surplus.

When you go after something God gives a vision for, you trust he will give you provision.


We are eager to help YOUR CHURCH feed hungry children on the weekend.

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