You have the potential to deliver hope to nearly 7,000 kids ages 3-18 who go home to empty cupboards on the weekend. Join us as we run 4 food for kids in 192 schools in West Michigan.

Steps to run for food!

Step 1:
Set Your goal

Whether your goal is to raise $100 or $10,000 to help feed local students on the weekend, set a goal that is meaningful to you!

100% of the funds that you raise will directly impact local students in need. Together we can spread hope, love, food, and prayers to nearly 7,000 kids every weekend!

Step 2:
Launch Your Fundraiser

If you're running & fundraising: Visit  https://amwayriverbankrun.com/  to register to run and/or create your own fundraiser for Hand2Hand. 
If you're fundraising only: Visit  https://runsignup.com/Race/11072/Charity/9047 to create a fundraiser or to donate.

Step 3:
Share Your Cause With Family And Friends

Kick off your fundraiser by sharing your goal and inviting your family and friends to support your mission of ending weekend childhood hunger in West Michigan for kids aged 3-18. See below for a sample e-mail. Remember to personalize it and make it your own! 

Step 4:
Share Your Cause On Social Media

You will be provided with the Hand2Hand Logo and tool kit that will guide you through the social media fundraising process! You will be able to update your social media community about Hand2Hand's mission, and thank donors along the way. Below are some ideas on how you can engage your friends and followers on your social media platforms!

Step 5:
Share Your Gratitude

Once your fundraiser is complete, make sure to reach out to those who donated to you to thank them for their generous support! Share with them what their donation means to you!  Below is a sample email that you can send to family and friends!

Step 6:
Share Your Experience With Us!

Would you like to get more involved, or do you have stories you'd like to share about your experience?

Contact Katie Bartels at katie@h2hkids.org to share how this fundraiser impacted you!

"I didn't have to worry for an entire weekend what I was going to feed my kids."

Watch Danielle's story