Dont give up on me

Celebration Dinner Children’s Choir

Those kids that you just saw singing opened our Celebration Dinner in November, and they were so powerful as they sang the words, “We will fight for you, we won’t give up on you!” You see, there are kids who are fearfully and wonderfully made who live right here in West Michigan, and are facing weekend hunger. We are here to expose that silent thief of childhood hunger and our vision is to eliminate that hunger throughout West Michigan. Our vision is that every school would have a weekend food opportunity for the kids who are need of food resources because they are worth it.

Volunteer Birthday Gifts

We have all from young to old who join us in helping to feed these kids, several of whom have recently blessed and impacted me. Pearl and Brady are perfect examples of this. These two kids individually decided that they didn’t really need any birthday gifts, so how about if all of their friends brought food to their parties to give to kids through Hand2Hand. They have realized at a young age that it really is more blessed to give than to receive.

Upward Basketball Team

There’s a basketball program called Upward in Georgetown, and they are collecting food right now. I was blessed by them as I went to watch my grandkids play recently. Upward’s leadership spotted me from across the way and they asked me to come out at halftime and share with the kids what Hand2Hand does and why we exist. At the end of it, they asked me to stand in the middle and all of these little children just gathered around me in their basketball uniforms, put their hands upon me and prayed for Hand2Hand, for students, and for us as leadership as we seek to reach that vision.

NorthPointe Christian 6th Grade Class

There’s a 6th-grade class at NorthPointe Christian School that has a year-long strategy to raise awareness, money, and food for Hand2Hand. They have already volunteered and done so much. Recently when I spoke at the middle and high school chapel, I was amazed as kids were exiting the chapel and stopped to make a donation.

Cole Persch & College Seniors

And then finally, just this last Friday a group of college seniors led by Cole Persch, decided to have a special concert, inviting four bands to perform. This was more than just a concert, however, as they decided to make it a fundraiser. I spoke to the college kids about Hand2Hand and they ended up donating over $150 dollars. Again, I love how we as a community come together in such creative ways to help feed our kids, who are worth it. 

So our message to Hand2Hand kids, as well as kids we have yet to serve, is this: We won’t give up on you, we will fight for you, your community is here for you. We are Hand2Hand.

Written by Cheri Honderd