Do all kids celebrate Spring Break?

child with umbrella jumping in puddle

The extra food packed for my kids over Spring Break warms my heart. Thank you for giving me peace of mind that they will have extra food to eat during the week off from school.  ~Teacher

Spring Break isn’t a happy occasion for all students. Superintendents and principals alike have told me that kids act out more before any break from school because they are anxious about the week ahead:

We see our disciplinary incidents increase right before a school break because kids are anxious about not having the routine of the school day as well as  the provided breakfasts and lunches at school.  ~Superintendent

The beauty of Hand2Hand is that for 4,897 kids in 150 schools throughout West Michigan, each school has their own local church coordinator who is passionate about no child being hungry in their neighborhood. Because Hand2Hand intentionally partners  a local church with a local school, extra steps can easily be taken to ensure no child faces food insecurity over the weekend and even over extended breaks.

As I talked to various church Hand2Hand coordinators this week they shared with me how they were collecting and  packing extra food because they wanted to ensure their students weren’t hungry next week. Our local church coordinators are unsung heroes as they work diligently and lovingly for kids in their own community every week.

To the over 100 Hand2Hand church coordinators we say THANK YOU. We wish you a relaxing week off for Spring Break as well….you deserve it!! Thank YOU for loving and caring for kids on a weekly basis and for letting them know that God sees them, knows them, and loves them.