Better Together

bracelet with message: better together

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Together we can do so much.

God has brought together 72 churches with over 80 dedicated coordinators, over 1,200 amazing volunteers, and numerous businesses and individuals who donate food or give financially, so that we are able tofeed over 4,000 kids in His Name!

Together we can do so much.

Together, we are in 113 schools in 27 school districts feeding kids ages 3-18 who lack weekend food resources. Together, we deliver hope through a bag of food packed with love and prayers. Because of our amazing God and working together, we are shining His light into our communities as we feed and pray for our students.

As one teacher stated, “One of my students is currently homeless. She and her family travel between different houses of family members. Through Hand2Hand she always knows there will be some food on the weekend, no matter where she lays her head. That brings her great comfort and joy. Thank you.”

Another teacher said,“I know how important Hand2Hand is when I hear kids tell me daily that they are hungry. I had a child ask me for a snack and state that ‘mom said we can’t get anymore food until she gets paid again.’ Thank you for the HUGE impact you are making on these kids for the better!”

Together we CAN do so much.

I am grateful because with God’s leading and blessing, together we ARE doing so much!